cybernetics cy‧ber‧net‧ics [ˌsaɪbəˈnetɪks ǁ -bər-] noun [uncountable] COMPUTING
the scientific study of the way in which information is moved about and controlled in machines and in the human brain. In business, cybernetics is mainly concerned with making industrial processes fully automatic and presenting information so that decisions can be made
— cybernetic adjective

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cybernetics UK US /ˌsaɪbəˈnetɪks/ US  /-bɚˈneṱ-/ noun [U]
the scientific study of how information is communicated in machines and pieces of electronic equipment in comparison with how information is communicated in the brain and nervous system: »

The paper deals with the ways in which cybernetics can be made use of in industry, particularly where the development, design, and even construction of computer systems is involved.

cybernetic adjective

Too often a simplistic cybernetic control model underpins performance measurement systems.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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